Pinballs are complicated, advanced electronic machines. They’re usually extremely reliable but, like anything else, on occasion something can go wrong.

For your peace of mind, we include our comprehensive on-site warranty with each pinball we sell.

Our warranty covers any faults or damage arising to your pinball machine, excluding any faults or damage caused by negligence. Our trained pinball technician will visit you and repair the fault on site. All parts, labour and our technician’s travel costs are included.

Brand New Machine at Home

If buying a brand new pinball machine for your home, we include a two-year warranty. This is a comprehensive warranty for the first year, during which time we’ll arrange on-site technician’s visits, spare parts, labour and anything else needed to repair your machine.

For the second year, the warranty becomes a parts-only warranty where we can arrange for spare parts where needed, but technician’s visits will be chargeable. Our technicians will still be available to give advice and assistance over the phone.

Reconditioned Machine at Home

Our reconditioned pinball machines will be covered by our comprehensive warranty for the first twelve months, during which time we cover technician’s visits, spare parts and labour.

Brand New Machine in Commercial Premises

A brand new machine in a commercial premises, like a bar, public venue or common room, will be covered by our comprehensive six-month warranty. This covers on-site technician’s visits, spare parts, labour etc.

Reconditioned Machine in Commercial Premises

We would generally advise against installing a reconditioned machine in a commercial premises like a bar, as often the general public don’t treat these collector’s items with the care they deserve. But if you decide to go ahead anyway, our comprehensive warranty will cover you for six months. This covers on-site technician’s visits, spare parts, labour etc.

Warranty Levels

Home or Commercial Environment New or Reconditioned Warranty Period Covers Technician Site Visits Covers Parts Costs
Home New 24 Months First 12 Months Only Yes
Home Reconditioned 12 Months Yes Yes
Commercial New 6 Months Yes Yes
Commercial Reconditioned 6 Months Yes Yes

What Do I Do if My Pinball Develops a Fault?

In the first instance, take notes of the fault (including photos or video if you can). Then stop using the machine and wait for further advice.

Contact us to send us all details of the fault, and we’ll get right back to you.